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Our Story

A heart-driven mission that promotes the rights of every child.

Silva Stone Publishing was born from the love for children's picture books, and the magical world of imagination. SilvaStone has since created a captivating series centered around the 42+ Rights of a Child. 

What makes this series truly remarkable is its author's mission to create awareness and give every child an equal voice. Jacquelene Da Silva, is a dedicated children's rights activist and founding principal of  Amstelland International School. Jacquelene understands the importance of teaching complex concepts like the rights of a child to young learners. Fostering awareness of children's rights became Jacquelene's heart's mission


The result

Her enthusiasm and dedication led her to create her own children's book series, paying special attention to every detail found in the illustrations. A picture is worth a thousand words.

A series that not only educates young learners but also captivates their imaginations and instills a love of reading.

With every purchase of a book written by Jacquelene Da Silva, you are not only supporting a worthy cause but also helping to promote a brighter future for every child. So let Silva Stone Publishing inspire you to take action and join their mission to promote the rights of all children. Together, we can create a world where every child's voice is heard and their rights are upheld.       

Educational Consultancy

Keynote Speaker

Concept-Based Curriculum & Instruction 

Innovation in Schools 

Can Creativity be Taught?

AI in Education

How do we view Children today?

What is Inquiry-based Teaching & Learning?

Reggio Emilia Classroom Design 

Implementing Children's Rights into the Curriculum

How to implement a Concept-based Curriculum into your daily teaching practice


1-day introductory workshop. What is a Concept vs a Topic? 

2-day workshop. How to integrate Conceptual Thinking into an existing curriculum framework.

3-day deep dive workshop. Designing a Concept-based Curriculum.

What is Learning in Today's World?

Dare to view Education Differently 

Cultivating a Culture of Leadership 

Transform your Learning Environment so all Children Thrive

Language-Friendly School Philosophy

Embracing Diversity Empowering Identity

Student's Voice & Agency

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