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I know my rights!

Article 42 

Everyone must know about Children's Rights

Children have the right to know about their rights. Adults should know about these rights and help children learn about them.

A world where children grow and play

Poem inspired by this wonderful story

In a world where children grow and play,
They have something important to say,
It's about the rights of every child, far and near,
Let's learn together, and lend our ear.

Children have the right to know,
About their rights, as they grow,
Adults too, please understand,
How important knowledge is across the land.

Every child should be aware,
Of the rights they have, so they can share,
Knowledge is power, and we believe,
That each child's voice matters, their dreams can be achieved.

We'll teach our children, day by day,
About their rights, come what may,
With love and care, side by side,
Their futures bright, and hearts open wide.

So gather round, let's learn and play,
Speak of children's rights, without delay,
United we stand, empowered and free,
Together, we'll shape our destiny.

                                                                                          by Jacquelene Da Silva

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