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I belong here.

Article 22 

Refugee children

Children who move from their home country to another country as refugees (because it is not safe for them to stay there) should get help and protection and have the same rights as children born in that country.

Refugee children have rights. 

Poem inspired by this wonderful story

In foreign lands, where chaos reigns,
Refugee children bear the pains,
They flee from danger, seek the shore,
Article 22, their rights restored.

With hearts full of dreams, they cross the sea,
In pursuit of safety, a chance to be free,
Let nations unite, lend a helping hand,
For every child's rights, they must understand.

No matter the color, race, or creed,
Education is a treas
ure, a right we all need.
With love and respect, we should be taught,
To foster the dreams our young minds have sought.

In host countries, they find their place,
A haven of refuge, a gentle embrace.

No matter their origin, no matter their creed,
All children deserve what they need.


Though they've faced trials, a life in disarray,
Refugee children, with courage, they play.

In unity, they'll build a world anew,
Where every child's rights shine through.


Let's raise our voices, let's take a stand,
For refugee children, hand in hand.

                                                                                                                                 by Jacquelene Da Silva

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