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Broken Marble

Silva Stone Publishing


                                              Inspiring children's book series identifying the 42+ Rights of a Child.

I know my Rights!

Everyone must know about Children's Rights

Article 42

Children have the right to know about their rights. Adults should know about these rights and help children learn about them.

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Broken Marble
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What's that sound? 

Access to Education 

Article 28 

Children have the right to an education. Discipline in schools should respect children’s rights and dignity. Primary education must be free. Children should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level possible. Countries should help each other to make sure that every child can go to school.

Father and Son Playing

I belong here.

Refugee Children

Article 22

Children have the right to special protection and help if they are refugees. Governments must make sure that they have the same rights as any other child. Governments must help in trying to reunite child refugees with their parents.

Available from 1 December 2023


Pre-orders are welcomed.

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